Sun Bleached, 2017

A public Spotify playlist created by asking the artists participating in the exhibition to contribute their favourite song. The playlist was played during the opening night of the exhibition

Spotify playlist, Disco ball

Sun Bleeched was exhibited at Pedagogy as Artistic Practice at Light Eye Mind in London

Participating artists

Saeideh Amirian

Nina Muhleisen-forshaw

Juan David Serna Orozco

Justina Stasiunaite

Jodian Bruce

Ishmael Lartey

Holly Attz

Nyamka Nevers-Ashton


Alessandro Cazzato

Soraya Rais

Riah Charles

Zeynep Dolanay

Friederike Zapf

Gordon Berger

Jessica Donnelly

Daisy Shayler

Jim Bicknell-Knight

Sidney Smith

Natalia Flores Zalles

Katherine Plumb