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Sid and Jim (b. Kent and Suffolk, UK) are a London based collaboration making artworks that materialise in many different forms. They have previously produced films, sculptures, paintings, and curated exhibitions which call attention to otherwise overlooked elements of our daily lives. Their work is often influenced by fictional tropes and recognisable motifs within popular culture. They use invisibility and absence to propose situations and start stories for the viewer to invent or complete, encouraging them to fill the gaps and build their own narrative.


Their recent projects range from researching undetectable cinematic storytelling devices including matte painting and cucolorises, to imagining alternative universes through investigations into what-ifs, such as what would the landscape of cinema look like if Europe had been the epicentre of blockbuster film making as opposed to America?


Selected solo and duo exhibitions include When Worlds Collide, Stable Gallery, Hampshire (2021); Never seen and yet believed in, Gallery DODO, Brighton (2021); You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, Darling, Queen's Hall Digital (2019); Hold a penny between your finger and thumb, SKELF (2017); Ad-Venture, The Vitrine Project, London (2017); Level Playing Field, The Wellness and Motivational Center, Leeds (2016).

Selected group exhibitions and projects include 10 Artists, 10 Bookmarks, fifthsyllable (2021), 1:1, WetDoveTail, Online (2020); 36th Annual Open, Southwark Park Galleries, London, UK (2020); The New Black, Void Collective, Online (2020); something is doing we don't know what, 65-66 Country Street, London, UK (2020); Any Second Now, Brixton Beneficiary, London, UK (2020); A Black and White Christmas, Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough, UK (2019); 24th Gabrovo Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art: Dimensions of Publicness, Museum of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, BG (2019); Film as Idea, Film as Film, Film Art, Teatr Studio, Warsaw, PL (2019); The BF Artist Film Festival VIII, SET, London, UK (2019); The Age of New Babylon, The Lethaby Gallery, London, UK (2018); Reinventing the studio: how to survive as an artist in the metropolis, Tate Modern, London, UK (2018); An Exchange of Sorts, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK (2017); Leeds Digital Festival, Leeds, UK (2017); Bad Video Art Festival, A3 Gallery, Moscow, RU (2017); A Show About The Show, Bankley Gallery, Manchester, UK (2017); A Group Thing, Thomas Young Gallery, Boston, USA (2016); God's Own Country, Western Park Museum, Sheffield, UK (2016); Temporary Allegiance, The Knockdown Center, New York, USA (2016).

In addition to their artistic practice they have also been producing a podcast called Artists and Friends since 2016, which is primarily for reviews of exhibitions both physical and digital, interviews of artists and curators, and discussing ideas. They have also run an online project called The SketchUp Residency since 2016, which is an online project where participating artists are asked to use 3D modelling software Google SketchUp for the duration of their term.

If you were looking to follow Jim and Sid's love story click >here<, or catch up with Jimmy and Sid's folk music career click >here<, apologies for any inconvenience caused.


  Sid            Jim

Founders of The SketchUp Residency, and the podcast Artists and Friends


Selected Solo/Duo Exhibitions/Projects


Ljósrák - Kannski Gallery, Reykjavík - Duo Show with Helgi Vignir


Fallout from a storm - Aseptic Studios, London


Under Wraps (YZR M1) - Hillstreet Shopping Centre - Middlesbrough Art Weekender

When Worlds Collide - Brixton Beneficiary, London 


Never seen and yet believed in - Gallery DODO, Brighton - Duo Show with Scott Robertson

Strength - Platform Art Projects, Digital Commission

Origin Story - The PUBlic Window, Northumberland

Orbit Residency - Online


You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, Darling - Queen's Hall Digital, Online


Hold a penny between your finger and thumb - SKELF, Online

Ad-Venture - The Vitrine Project, London



They' as opposed to 'he/she' - The Evie Evie Space, Istanbul

Level Playing Field - The Wellness and Motivational Centre, Leeds


Selected Group Exhibitions


Nectar - 50 Celebration Avenue, London

Elevenses - Ugly Duck, London

Shelf Life - hARTslane, London

Beginnings and Endings - Haus a rest, Online

Stolen Goods - FILET, London


Let Them Eat Fake - Bad Art, Brushes with Greatness, London 

Garage sale of upscale garbage - 1049 Willoughby Avenue, New York City

We are the witches - The House of Smalls, Edinburgh

Scary Biscuits - Crypt Gallery, London

Thin Red Lion - Hypha Farringdon, London

Gripe - Fringe Arts Bath, Bath

This is the House that Jack Built (Portable Relics) - No Man's Land, APT Gallery, London

Home Collection 2023 - Tethered Publics, Online

DOCUMENTS - Gallery DODO, Brighton

Everything Must Go! - Brixton Beneficiary, London


The Art of the Football Scarf - OOF Gallery, London

The London Open: Artist Takeover - Whitechapel Gallery, London

Best of the BF Artist Film Festival - SET Dalston, London

Extremely Serious Group Show - 246 Stockwell Road, London

Hiding in Plain Sight - UK Mexican Arts Society, London

SAFA Gallery Presents... - SAFA Gallery, London


New Tenants - Around the House, Online


1:1 - WetDoveTail, Online

36th Annual Open - Southwark Park Galleries, London

The New Black - Void Collective, Online

something is doing we don't know what - 65-66 Country Street, London

Any Second Now - Brixton Beneficiary, London


A Black and White Christmas - Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough

The Venice Vending Machine - Hamilton House Bristol

If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail - Phoenix Art Space, Brighton

24th Gabrovo Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art: Dimensions of Publicness - Museum of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Staged on Screen, Tate Modern, London

S.E.L.F, Gibberish Brewpub, Liverpool

Film as Idea, Film as Film, Film Art - Teatr Studio, Warsaw

The BF Artist Film Festival VIII - SET, London

Co-op(t) - Unit 5, Coventry

The BF Artist Film Festival VIII - serf, Leeds

Self as Actor: Colonising Identity NeMe, Cyprus


The Age of New Babylon - Lethaby Gallery, London

a place for friends - Harts Lane Studios, London

South Harrow Contemporary (III) - London

The Video Art Film Club #1 - Leydon Gallery, London

101 Media poetry Festival - Russia

Degree Show One - Central Saint Martins, London

Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival Alumni Screening,  Art Week Exeter - Exeter

Bad Video Art FestivalA3 Gallery, Moscow

Forced Collaboration - Online

Capsule Machine - Vandal/.

Leeds Digital Festival - Leeds

Testing, Testing - Central Saint Martins, London

SHIFT lecture series - Central Saint Martins London

Artists and Food - Elmer, London

Spillage - The Windows Gallery, London

AucArt - Central Saint Martins, London

Reinventing the studio: how to survive as an artist in the metropolis - Tate Modern, London

Word in Transit 3 - TFL, London


The Morning After The Year Before - Platform 3, Leeds

Wednesday Night Live - 12ø, London

Antidote - Central Saint Martins, London

An Exchange of Sorts - Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

Talkies - Chelsea College of Art, London

Mutants - Baynes Street Arches, London

How about just calling them artists? - Central Saint Martins, London

Pre-Sliced Orange Segments - Light Eye Mind, London 

Fountain, fountain... - Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre, Bury

Word in Transit 2 - TFL, London

South Harrow Contemporary (II) - London

Group Show Episode 3: Collaboration - Podcast

A Show About The Show - Scaffold Gallery, Manchester

Aespia - United Kingdom

Repost_Modern - omni_modern, Online


YOUR ART IS A LOAD OF S**T - The Old Tuman Brewery, London

Cancan Film Competition - LemoArt Gallery, Berlin

Location, location, location - The Old Courts, Wigan

Morguefest - Ladywell Coroner's Court & Mortuary, London

100 years of OUI - Undisclosed toilet, United Kingdom

print out - Double Yolk, Newcastle

Together as One - Rebooted, Leeds

Is this it? - serf, Leeds

Pedagogy as Artistic Practice - Light Eye Mind, London

eight, fourteen, seventeen, Online

Art Gallery Here, Art For All - Manchester

Word in Transit - TFL, London

We like to drink a lot - Central Saint Martins, London

ART + TEXT - 44AD artspace, Bath

How To Get Rich Quick - Scaffold Gallery, Manchester

An Art School - Tate Modern, London


A Group Thing - Thomas Young Gallery, Boston

An evening with isthisit? - isthisit?, Suffolk

Pack it in - Vent, London

Destroy - Bow Arts Wapping Project Space, London

AFK - isthisit, London

3D/XD Open Studios - Central Saint Martins, London

The Bomb Factory Artists Film Festival II - The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, London

Tight Fit: BIG SPACE IV - Central Saint Martins, London

Touch Me Baby - Bones and Pearl Gallery, London

2D/4D Open Studios - Central Saint Martins, London

FIRE + LIGHT - Walcot Street, Bath

Group Effort - Bones and Pearl Gallery, London

Shop Windows - Ofton Festival, Alfreton

Intimacy - Arch 12, London

ACTIVA' 2017 - international sound-videoArt, Online

Bedroom Artists - The Hive, London

Bought Objects - Voidoid Archive, Glasgow

30/30 - 12ø Project Space, London

So, what is it that you do exactly? - SLAM, London

I Exist - The Old Red Bus Station, Leeds

The Great Unanswered II - Scaffold Gallery, Terrace NQ, Manchester

God's Own Country - Western Park Museum, Sheffield

swimmers/secretkeepers - ArtsLav, London

Do you even vlog? - isthisit?, Online

Temporary Allegiance - The Knockdown Center, New York 

Hashtags Unplugged - Caelum Gallery, New York

Collection 2 - The Listening Booth, Online

Day 9Day 11Day 14 -, Online

Unseeing Red - Red Art 2 Mars Gallery, Calgary

People's Choice Salon Show - Green Point Gallery, New York


Trading Places 1.0 - 12ø Project Space, London

2015 FWCAC 9 x 12 Works on Paper Show - Fort Worth Community Arts Centre, Texas

FESTIV_ALT - Wood Street, Wakefield

#15 - Peckham Platform, London

BIG SPACE - Central Saint Martins, London

Bring Your Own Beamer - Freight Art Gallery, Norwich

From Archway With Love - The Rag Factory, London

I'm so tired - Central Saint Martins, London

It's Been Fruitful! - Circus Street, Brighton

BACKWASH - Harts Lane Studios, London

2D/4D Open Studios - Central Saint Martins, London

because the internet - The Rag Factory, London

Selected Curatorial Projects


This Way Up, The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Online


The 15 Cmdments - The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Online

Add to Basket - Online

Pre-Sliced Orange Segments - Light Eye Mind, London 

Sunrise Prelude - Dollspace, London

Red Handed - isthisit?, Online


Digital Wasteland - Eiger Studios, Leeds



                         Orbit Residency - Online


Art4u- Online

WUU2 MATE? - Online

The Old Courts - Manchester

Digital Artist's Residency - Online

Selected Publications


101 contemporary artists and more...


Issue 03 - isthisit? magazine

Issue 02 - isthisit? magazine

Issue 1 - CA Magazine

#1 - A5 Magazine

Issue 01 - isthisit? magazine


Artists Behind the Art - Average Art Magazine

The Research Book Volume II - Scaffold Gallery


30WORKS30DAYS - 12ø Collective

Selected Press


#2 - Pictures with Love

Take Five - Central Saint Martins

Digital Artist of the Day - Leeds Digital Festival 

Sid and Jim - KoProjects


THE WRONG BIENNALE - Annka Kutlys Gallery

Talk and talk with Agil: Episode 3 - WUU2

A Show About The Show - Corridor 8

Location, location, location - Creative Unions


 Issue 23 - Art Reveal Magazine

A chat with Sid & Jim - Brooks & Groves

Don't make it harder than it has to be - Dimond Arts Gallery

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