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Aimee Suggitt - Virtual Visuals

Aimee Suggitt

Virtual Visuals​

Aimee Suggitt is a video installation artist. She has been using old technology such as CRT TVs, projections, VHS tapes and found footage as a foundation to explore various social issues, themes of sexuality and the human form. Exploring these concepts with the use of found footage from VHS tapes, DVDs and videos found online to create a series of short looped videos, that are either displayed on TVs, projected or used to create digital images. The aesthetic qualities explored within her practice go beyond the screen, incorporating the very space in which they are situated. Her work is unapologetic in both its subject matter and raw presentation, the devices used for exhibiting her work becoming an integral part of the piece itself. She experiments with analogue and digital editing techniques, exploring the realm between the virtual and reality.

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