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Andreas Rasmussen

Collages and Assemblages

The project is an investigative project that will seek out the borders of Andreas Rasmussen's knowledge and use of digital tools and how to experiment with SketchUp, as a platform for unlimited ideas and thoughts and a tool for sculptural practice. They have chosen the genre of collages and assemblages to accompany this investigation. Collage, both as, a techniques for improvisation and imagination as well as a certain way to work with intuitive impulses and ideas. Objects that are share through SketchUp archive, and their own contribution, are put together in smaller or lager assemblages with the intention to establish a connection between their own subjective approach and the digital archive of a collective frame of reference. Digital objects, textures, artificial materials, etc. collide and establish a tension, where the context between subject matter and form is being reduce into a accumulation of “found objects” that function as a conceptual terrain for new sculptural ideas.

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Andreas Rasmussen works in an interdisciplinary field that examines spatial and narrative situations that typically arise in dialogue with a specific site, location or architectural terms. They use different media and materials; sculpture, installations, weaving and drawing. The close material studies as well as the connections between materials, tactility and media are important parameters in their works. Their work with spatial situations, among other things manifested itself in studies of laboratory, landscape, digitally generated space or imaginary space that they repeatedly have worked with to understand how these spaces are perceived and used in a collective as well in a subjective optics.

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