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April Cluess



April Cluess has been creating a 3D animation with SketchUp that evokes the clanky, digital aesthetic the program offers. The animation incorporates an original poem, electronic music made in GarageBand. Real video will be paired with the 3D footage to create a stark contrast between reality and virtuality. The video is paired with a physical form - a sculpture that combines an electronic technology with features which seem organic and of the human body. Rocci Luppicini’s “Technoself Studies” explores the ways in which human identity adapts to technology. Playing the part of the body, technologies extend from our dream-selves as tangible objects. If we deeply identify with these tools, it is important to explore the affective connections. 3D animations aesthetically reference the medium, and robotically recite poems. Paired with sculptural objects the evoke thoughts of the human body, or displayed on outdated televisions, bridges the gap between the physical and psychological.

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