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Ass halt - The Ass Halt World

Ass Halt

The Ass Halt World

As we’re moving through the rolling green hills we come into contact with a variety of symbols, the echo of which we recognise but they have been somewhat revised. The Nike tick is included in one of these but instead of the usual ‘Just Do It’ we’re faced with another slogan ‘Keep At It’.

They say he who has begun is half done, and sure half done is nearly finished. What use is ‘just do it’ when starting is the hardest part? Saying ‘just do it’ to someone is a bit ignorant. How about you just fuck off? And people who have already started don’t need to be told to ‘just do it’, they’re already doing it! So, for those who need a little more encouragement, there is now: ‘keep at it’. Whenever you’re just going through the motions of just doing whatever it is you just do, just remember to just keep at it. Is it pronounced Nike or Nike? This continues with a whole host of different emblems from the Rugrats star, Chucky to the infamous ‘go to jail’ policeman from the household board game, Monopoly.

All of this is encapsulated by the final image of an outline of a skull, full of interconnected lines and shapes. It gives the appearance of a communications network. The world of Ass Halt is fully connected; it that can receive, create, store or send information, recognize, process and forward transmissions to further their ever-expanding universe.

*  *  *

They make pictures, videos and art in the name of Ass Halt. Ass Halt has been essentially making sense, from nonsense, for a few cents, for centuries. They answer questions that haven’t been asked and question answers that haven’t been given. They don’t report on what’s happening, they report what’s not happening. 

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