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Build A Drone provides you with high quality links, enabling you to purchase the items needed to build your own drone from scratch in your own home, bridging the gap between the consumer and manufacturer. We are more than just a shop which supplies parts to customers to build their own drones, we undertake bespoke drone builds for a number of aerial platform solutions, UAV consultations and onsite training for the professionally built UAV’s which we ship to clients worldwide. The dedicated team at Build A Drone Ltd share your passion for flying, drone racing, aerial photography and building UAV & Drones from the smallest entry level system to the high-end professional aerial photography platforms. With a combined knowledge of over 40 years’ experience in building, repairing and flying aerial systems, you can rely on us for the best support and advice.



A drone’s frame is synonymous with a human being’s skeleton, it helps bring together important components, as well as providing protection.



The motor is the part of the drone that rotates the propellers. Larger UAVs typically use “brushless” motors while smaller UAVs typically use “brushed” motors.

Electronic Speed Control (ESC)


The item that provides the flight controller with the ability to control the direction and speed of the drone’s motor. It’s a very important component to keep in mind when learning how to build a drone. Not only should an ESC provide the right voltage, but it must also be able to handle the maximum current that the motors are going to consume.

Landing Gear


For an RC drone to land without damaging fragile hardware, it must have landing gear. Unlike airplanes, which have wheels on their landing gear, RC drones utilizes plastic, metal, or rubber materials to help cushion landings.

Raspberry Pi Zero


A super-small, hackable, and ultra-low-cost computer.


All multi-rotor RC aircrafts use propellers (not to be confused with helicopter blades) to achieve lift. Propellers attach to the drone’s motors. When the motor spins, so do the propellers. Similar to drone frames, propellers can be made from a wide variety of materials, as well as exist in many different sizes.



To help orientate you to an RC drone’s location at night, it needs to have “Light Emitting Diodes”, or LEDs, attached



This is a popular sports/action camera that can be attached to RC drones with the proper mounts.

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