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Conall McAteer - SketchUp Luxury Warehou

Conall McAteer

SketchUp Luxury Warehouse

In an age of mass migration to virtual spaces the residency will explore the overlaps and malleable borders of ownership and luxury between the real and the digital. Exploring cultural creativity, curating an archive of high-end clothing, accessories and merchandise that have been re-manufactured using SketchUp. The brands and their copies are highly valuable, extremely desired and rarely accrued, often experienced only within the digital space through images and videos. The residency will call into question the authenticity of the online retail experience, and how our perception of reality is shaped through the layers of trade we consume.

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Conall McAteer is a visual artist based in London. His practice explores the intersection between the digital and the tangible. Considering technology’s increasing application, he investigates the potential, limitations and complications of the virtual in relation to the politics and conventions of the real.

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