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Esther Merinero

SkyClub Lounge​

The distance between Madrid Adolfo Suarez and London Gatwick is 1215.16 km in a straight line. That space between the two cities is the space of transition, and it is this in-betweeness that interests Esther Merinero; how there is a physical ‘liminal space’ for each person. SkyCub Lounge is a series of virtual spaces where the viewer can move around and explore the various possibilities the space offers. It’s similar to a set. The floor, walls and ceiling of every room feature a gridded pattern intending to distort the sense gravity. It also acts as a reference to graph paper employed when producing architectural drawings, a repeated motif of Merinero’s work used to introduce ideas about space. In this age of global unity, people move away from their homes and they become a virtual ghost, being able to Skype with the trace of their remaining empty space. This work act as a narrative that unpacks these subjects, discussing the notions of globalisation, displacement of the true home and the longing for a real space.

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Esther Merinero is an artist based between London and Madrid. Their practice explores how humans inhabit spaces, and the difference between inhabiting them temporarily and permanently. They use a variety of mediums to explore these ideas, but mainly works with images and the negation/fragmentation of them.

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