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O  SOONER  THAN  ALICE had rubbed her forehead, did a fish plop up out of the water. 

The fish stared at her blankly.


     “What do you want?” said 

Alice, rather rudely.


       “There’s no need to be rude, in fact, I could ask you          that very question. For it is MY lake that you’re              swimming in,” said the fish pompously.

       “Your lake? How is this your lake?”


      “Well, are you a painting? In fact, I would declare             that you look rather fleshy. Yes, really rather                   fleshy.”

Alice frowned and rubbed her head once more.

       “It is none of your business if I am fleshy. You are             just a flat fish, and only a head! Besides, I don’t               have time to be talking to bodiless fish.” And with           that Alice turned and swam towards the shore.


The fish harrumphed, and with a small plop disappeared in the water.

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