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Jamie Cooper - Cosmic Debt V's Junk DNA

Jamie Cooper

Cosmic Debt V's Junk DNA aka is this forever?

Jamie Cooper creates immersive environments that mix sculptural art objects with radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, Cooper aims to seduce the viewer into his art works using humour, language and wonder as a mechanism to provoke deeper critical engagement. Artificial lights are often used to create objects that can resemble cultural artifacts and objects from the real world (such as shelters, fires, sun, may poles, homes, bodily forms), in doing so an un-canny other art reality is often created. Cooper uses creative writing to draw from a blend of source material such as Science Fiction films, Sociopolitical concerns, Philosophical ideas, in order to construct theoretical Other Place’s from which new artworks can be generated. He calls this Other place – The New Zero Plane; a place free from the existing Ideological frameworks we currently think and operate within.


Cooper's theoretical study’s often return to the aesthetics of Ridley Scott’s epic Sci-fi masterpiece, Bladerunner, drawing on Ancient references such as the Aztec panels in Rick Deckards apartment and the Pyramid-esc Tyrell Corp. Building. This research has led to an interest in the concept of the Future Relic for example: Relics of a time when we used the English language Relics of a time when Neo-Liberalism was the prevailing Ideology Relics of a time when we measured everything in order to give it value Driving Cooper’s theoretical practice is a Situationists informed critique of the work based paradigm and the potential of an anti-logic play based society.

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