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Joan Stack

Flower Arranging

Joan Stack is interested in action words. They write several sheets of notes on different topics – sometimes forgetting where they are. They identify as a painter although their practice has diversified into installation with desires to make small video works. They are interested in combinations and formal qualities of different materials, things which are weighed down, gloopy, welded together and married in a union which may or may not make sense. Visual drama as well as visual balance are important when creating a fiction in physical sculptures and artworks in order to explore a fiction. In doing so are they presenting an idea of the future?


Current work and research revolve around this fact: The word ‘real’ can be found in retail. The marketing of reality through retail visual merchandising is something which they explore in their practice. Everything looks good but is ultimately empty, devoid of meaning, a merry-go-round of display, lighting and artifice with fake plants used as a selling tool, merging natural with manmade.

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