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Jul Zabowskx

Little Prince

The project is based on research into the early-modern (XV-XVII century) fortification systems and focuses on the early-modern race of arms: development and decline of siege warfare in Europe. One might call this period the renaissance-baroque star wars, since the fortresses were designed in the shape of a star, due to pragmatic technical idiosyncrasies related to the artillery, musket range, etc. The fascinating issues are: the fact that lines of defense and attack would evolve dialectically keeping both sides in check; the art of designing fortifications became an abstract speculative exercise in geometry; the fact that sieges were big performative events with guests and spectators. Jul Zabowskx has built imaginary, speculative, fortifications based on original existing outlines. Theaters of war, 1st person POV scenes are juxtaposed with the bird-eye view that dominates how the researcher normally views the field. Animations illustrate the emergent aspect of the continuous alienated fortification process.

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Jul Zabowskx is an artist who works primarily with interactive and digital objects (such as sculpture, installation, VR, AR, video and games). Their main field of interest is various logic(s) outside of binary. One example thereof is fuzzy logic. They explore the ‘illogicalness’ of zero-one logic systems, as well as dialectic of the material and the abstracted in the technology we think of as ‘digital’. They operate through incoherence, errors, and glitches, as well as empathy and sincerity. Their interest lies in the space where technology meets subjective vulnerabilities: technologically mediated relations, presence, absence, surrogacy, nostalgia and desire for the impossible. With their works, they probe the ontological difference between traditional time-based media (film, video) and ‘new’ time-based media (games, immersive experiences, interactivity, etc.).

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