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Tim Croft

The Plan

Tim Croft's practice is really made up of a lot of separates. He doesn't work in series or in any particular medium, nor with a clear linearity. He works with sculpture, objects, video, performance, text, sound, music, installation, image, narrative, collaboration and individual working. Despite the fragmentary nature of the works/approach to making art, there tends to be an underlying use of humour and comedy. Often there is a setting up of a situation; a visual joke, narrative, a play on objects and meaning. Most inspiration comes from outside of contemporary art: stand-up, film, text, podcasts, and mostly from comedic creative output. Recently, he undertook a collaborative two-week residency with artist Grace Denton at The Newbridge Project in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This was to test works and ideas for an exhibition, resulting in a one night only public event in which I performed a stand-up routine in character, surrounded by the sculptures, banners and videos works we'd put together. Following this, I am now working towards a one-man live show. His time at The SketchUp Residency is related to this show.

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