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Victoria Stadlin - Paradise Lost

Victoria Stadlin

Paradise Lost​

Have you ever had a feeling that you couldn't describe? A place you saw in your head that you couldn't draw? 

Victoria Stadlin has. Using SketchUp she has strived to materialise these indescribable moments. Experimenting with 3D models, text, and audio, to eventually find the right combination which ultimately captures that thing that she is unable to with just words or a static drawing. This provides a kind of solace, as the completion of a video provides relief from that feeling. The video is walkthrough of a space exploring her experiences as an art dealer onboard a cruise ship. From October 2016 to January 2017 Stadlin worked onboard the Carnival Paradise selling art at auction which was a rather stressful but ultimately enriching experience that, until now, she had not yet been able to conceptualise or channel into an artistic output. 

*  *  *

Victoria Stadlin is an art dealer and artist formerly in the Western Caribbean, currently in Ireland.

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