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You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, Darling2020

A sprue and runner system containing 15 hand held props from different films. The props are all tied to the nature of reality within the films.

List of props included: Red Ball - The Prestige; Origami Chicken - Blade Runner; Spinning Top - Inception; Kobayashi Mug - The Usual Suspects; Loaded Die - Inception; Business Card - American Psycho; The blue and red pills - The Matrix; The Blue Box - Mulholland Drive; Poker Chip - Inception; Matchstick man - Blade Runner; Chess Piece - Inception; The Watch - Interstella; Origami Unicorn - Blade Runner; 237 Room Key - The Shinning; The Chef's Pal peeler - The Truman Show.

3D print, Foam, Acrylic

310 x 220 x 40 mm

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