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ALKING  TENTATIVELY  THROUGH  THE mushrooms, a cloud of smoke suddenly surrounds Alice.


Coughing she looks up at the nearest mushroom, and sees sitting atop it a caterpillar, pipe in hand and looking sternly down at her. 

      “What are you doing here?” said the Caterpillar.


Alice shuffled her feet, and replied, “I hardly know. I know where I was, but I know not at present what I’m doing here.”


The Caterpillar raised its eyebrows unimpressed. “Child, what does that mean? Explain yourself!”


      “I only know I was at home. And then I was in a painting, which I fell out        of. So now, you see, I don’t know where I am, or why I’m there.”


The Caterpillar took a long drag from his pipe, surveying Alice with a raised brow.


Alice continued, “Would you know where I am? And, more importantly, how I can get back?”


      “Where we are could be any number of possibilities. And how to get back         could be any number of directions. I would advise you to go back the               way you came.”


And with that the Caterpillar put down his pipe, curled in a ball and closed its eyes.


Alice stamped her feet in frustration. Going back the way she came, if only she knew how she had got there!

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