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a nearby mushroom. It swayed ominously before cracking at the stem and toppling over. The fallen mushroom opened up a clearing, through which Alice could see a small portly man pacing furiously.

He held a rather large looking  glass in  one  hand,

the other was behind his back. His back was bent, and he held the looking glass close to the floor, as though he were searching for something on the ground. His quick movement was causing quite a stir, and puffs of dust rose around his feet, all manner of small little creatures were scurrying away from the commotion.  


     “How strange, what on earth could that little man be searching for with          his loo—his   looking glass!” Alice exclaimed.


     “If I am to go back whence I came, why I came through the looking              glass!”


Alice turned back to the caterpillar, who was now uncurled and looking at her intently. She questioningly pointed to the portly man, to which the caterpillar shrugged and dragged on his pipe. He blew a smoke ring, that gently floated over Alice’s head and steadily drifted in the direction of the portly man. Alice watched the ring circle over the gentleman’s head, before it vanished, with which she set off in pursuit. 

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