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OR A MINUTE OR TWO ALICE just looked at the man without saying anything. He paid no attention to her, continuing to pace frantically back and forth, surveying the ground with his 

looking glass.


Alice cleared her throat nervously.


Without looking up, the portly man barked, “What?”

This was not an encouraging opening. Alice paused for a moment, 

unsure of how to start. It was a complicated story to begin with, besides the portly man didn’t appear very friendly.


     “Well, sir,” Alice replied, rather nervously, “I only            wondered if I could have a look at your looking              glass, you see, I’m trying to get home, I wondered           if  I might find the way through it.”  


     “Silly girl, silly girl,” barked the portly man, “this is          no map, it is a glass for magnification.”


    “That I know sir,” replied Alice angrily. “I wouldn’t         ask, but I spoke to a caterpillar, and he told me to go       home from where I came. And I came through a               looking glass.”


At this, the portly man suddenly stopped, turning to Alice, he tapped the glass before pointing it at her, “You came through the looking glass?”

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